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Effective 1/1/11, the following charges will be assessed when Red Fever Redbones must ship your new puppy/dog or meets you on the road.
The following charges will apply for all airline shipping.  
*Airline required health certificate ($40 plus $15 if rabies is needed) 
*Shipping crate ($55-80), 
*Sellers fee ($75)
*The airline charges (Varies)
*As well as the cost of the puppy
** RED FEVER REDBONES' STRONGLY PREFERS GROUND TRANSPORT but will ship by air in special circumstances.  Above all means, we prefer direct pickup so that we can meet you in person and you can visit our dogs. 
However, if we approve airline shipping, we will generally handle the shipping arrangements for you as a courtesy but you will be responsible for all fees, changes, etc that result through airline shipping and all fees must be paid ONE WEEK PRIOR to shipping (or at 7 wks old for puppies).
Please note that WHENEVER AVAILABLE, we will prefer shipping DIRECT FLIGHT.   We EXPECT that you will be willing and understand that the "closest" airport to you may not be in the best interest of the dog and you MAY have to travel up to a couple of hours so that we can ship DIRECT FLIGHT.  Those unwilling to do this should seek ground transport.
We prefer to ship Delta Pet First.  We will NOT ship via American Airlines.   
The costs have recently went up due to rising fuel costs.  Please call the airline before booking to make sure you understand the possible charges.  In late 2010, the airline's charges for shipping an 8 wk old puppy were between $260-315- depending on size of puppy, crate, and location.
Some airlines may allow buyer to pay the airline portion of shipping expenses at pick up/  by credit card if you prefer. Pups must be picked up promptly at arrival time.

Also remember that there ARE weather restrictions in place by the airlines and specifically some of the airports. Temperatures below 20 degrees or above 85 are not allowed by Delta.
If time permits, we will generally meet you within a couple hours from the house to help keep your travel time down.  The following will be our charge for this service & are valid for all trips where we are transporting only & are not headed to an event:
Up to 100 Miles transport (Round Trip):  $50.00
101-150 Miles transport (Round Trip):  $75.00
151-200 Miles transport (Round Trip):  $100.00
201-250 Miles transport (Round Trip):  $125.00
For transports while we are already on the road headed to a dog event & where our route & time table will not be compromised:
$50 for any puppy/dog bought from Red Fever
$100 all outside transports
Please Note:  Red Fever Redbones assumes NO liability of a puppy once it leaves our home.  Any illness or contagious disease the puppy may be exposed to while in transport (by us or by you) or while attending a major event (if we deliver the puppy/dog to you at an event) is the sole responsibility of the new owner.
NOTE:  There are MANY ground transporters out there now.  We have several that we work with that charge $250 for puppies and $350 for adult dogs.  Please note that most ground transporters require a health certificate ($40 plus $15 if rabies are required).  If you are interested in a transporter, you should contact Red Fever Redbones for our recommendations on ground transporters, and  to verify that their pickup schedule is acceptable.  Occassionally, other coonhound folks will be traveling to bigger events and may also be willing to help with transport. 
Please understand that deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Should you not pick up your puppy/dog by the pickup date, you forfeit your deposit and it will not be applied to a new litter as explained on our booking page.
Puppies are generally ready for pickup close to 8 wks old.  Any puppy not picked up by 9 wks old (without prior agreement) will be forfeited.
Adult dogs must be picked up within 2 WKS of sale and are not considered SOLD until payment is received.
For your convenience, we offer Paypal (you must add 3% to your payment to cover Paypals charges), Wal-Mart's MoneyGram, cash or money order.  We accept checks for deposits but never accept checks for final payment.
Please note that any "NO SHOW" will be treated as a failed pickup and you will lose your deposit.  We are very easy to work with but our time is precious & our schedules tight so once pick up arrangements are made- please stick to them or call us as soon as you know that your plans will change so that we are not sitting around waiting for you.
When you come to pick up your puppy, we encourage you to plan to stay a little while and visit.  We enjoy talking dogs and are eager to hear your plans for your new dog/puppy.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Aubrey and Ann Butler